"Some ask me whether those who have not heard the gospel can be saved. It is more a question with me whether we – who have the Gospel and fail to give it to those who have not – can be saved." ~ Charles Spurgeon


Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Over

It’s over.  The last sermon has been preached.  The projector has been turned off for the last time.  And all I’m left with is with memories.  Sitting in the darkness tonight, staring up at the moon, my mind was whirling.

One of the first people that came to my mind is a man who is in his fifties.  He is the district pastor’s landlord.  He came the very first night and never missed a meeting.  I’ve been praying and preaching for him every night since.  But I was worried, because he never came up for any of my calls.  So Friday night I sat down with him before the meeting and asked him how he was enjoying the meetings and such.  And he told me that the reason he wasn’t going to be baptized today was because his wife is gone at the moment and he wants to study with her and then be baptized together with her.  So I am so excited!  He has been an LDS for a long time he said, but he wants to become an Adventist now.

And then my mind goes to all the friends that I have made while I’ve been here.  From my translator and elder, to my pastor, to my five best friends I have from the church – two of which were baptized today.  Somehow each of these has found a place in my heart, and made my time in Africa so special.

And then there’s the 14 other evangelists.  We’ve spent the last three weeks together, praying together, crying together, laughing together, working together.  These are definitely some of the most adaptable people in the world.  And some of the most fun.  These people have become some of my best friends now.  I’m really going to miss them when we get back.

So as I sit here this evening, all I can say is that this has been 3 of the best weeks of my life.  Yes, we’ve had problems.  Yes, we’ve been hungry.  Yes, we’ve been tired.  But we have seen God work miracles.  And that’s something I will never forget.

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