"Some ask me whether those who have not heard the gospel can be saved. It is more a question with me whether we – who have the Gospel and fail to give it to those who have not – can be saved." ~ Charles Spurgeon


Thursday, May 31, 2012


Life is definitely an adventure!  Yesterday we went to a Chimpanzee Sanctuary.  The conference picked us up and took us.  Those apes were so funny.  Some of them had a blast throwing rocks at us.  One came up and swung his arm a few times winding up, before letting the rock fly in our direction.  And then another one just started clapping for no apparent reason.  They were pretty humorous.

After that, we headed back down the mountain and we drove right into trouble.  We went by the US Embassy, and several people took pictures out the window.  Big mistake.  The guard stopped us and made us all get out of the vehicle to be questioned in the police station.  They searched our cameras and questioned us before finally letting us go.  Then we stopped at a house for the 4 who hadn’t been measured for their African clothes to be measured, and the second vehicle decided to die.  So they made two trips to the mission office where we had lunch, but on our way back to the hotel, all 16 of us had to pile into the one vehicle.  Yeah, it was pretty tight.

The meeting went well last night.  We talked about the four horses of Revelation.  It’s hard to believe we only have 4 more meetings left…  Anyway, I’ll sign off for now.  The pastors are here for a meeting, so I’d better go.

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